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Me Over Me

When they ask me to talk about myself, the first word that comes to my mind is: layers.

​I know: the first thing I should think of is family, love, time. Or, maybe, the sea, the sky. But, honestly, it is “layers”. 
This is what my art is made of: layers on layers.

And, to tell the truth, this is also what I feel I’m made of. I have never sat down and written a history of my life. 
Neither a curriculum vitae nor a biography. The reason is easy to explain: I see life as a non-cronological path. It’s - if you want - “layerological”. 

​It doesn’t matter when and where I had an experience. What really matters to me is what that experience left.

​​A new tool, a new concept, a new smile, a new inspiration, a new skill, new ideas. In three words: a new layer.

My personal layers have been Milan (my hometown) and Italy, my family, my friends, my choices.

And, of course, the reasons why I ended up living in New Jersey.
My most important professional layers have been the Castello Sforzesco School of Art (Art Academy) in Milan and my job as an Art Director in some international agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy (a layer that lasted more than 25 years!).
Not to mention the five years I spent as a teacher of art direction and visualizing at the IED - European Institute of Design - (it’s amazing how much you can learn while you’re teaching, isn’t it?).

All these experiences created layers on me and gave life to my works.

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